Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Sports Weekend to End All Sports Weekends

First off, deepest condolences to the Burke family on the passing of Brendan. Just a real tragedy when anyone is taken from us that young, and especially when it's someone with the outstanding moral fibre that he has shown. Though he was only 21 years old, he was a true inspiration and a kid that any parent would be proud to have. I can't imagine the pain that Brian and his family are dealing with right now. Thoughts are with them.

Moving on, this weekend marks my first ever trip to Toronto and the ultimate sports experience. Flying out in less than 7 hours (yes I need to sleep... and pack), and here's how it's lining up:

Saturday - HHOF, OUA Men's Basketball
Sunday - Raptors vs Sacramento, Super Bowl
Monday - Leafs vs Sharks

All signs point to sports overload. Big questions: Where to watch the Super Bowl? What are the top sports bars? Preferably ones that we won't have to get to 4 hours before the game starts in order to be seated.

The other big question that's been on my mind for months: What Leafs jersey do I get? This will be my first real Leafs jersey if you don't count the crappy practice one. I had it down to Kessel, Schenn, White. Now you can sub White for Phaneuf. I kind of feel like it's too soon for a Phaneuf jersey, despite having a huge mancrush right now. A har-Dion, if you will. I'm kind of leaning towards Schenn. Thoughts?

I'll be tweeting. @CarlPeelash

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